About trading

Electric power

One of the main activities of AB Energo company is the purchase and sale of electric power (capacity).

Today company AB Energo actively works in the wholesale energy market. We trade electric power on international power exchanges and also with wholesale buyers on the Serbian borders with Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By partnering with the European largest energy supplying companies, AB Energo has the opportunity to trade electric power on the Hungarian power exchange (HUPX). Recently, the company initiated the process of registration on the SEEpex power exchange (Serbia).

The electric power is transferred to the Serbian borders with Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and through the territory of Republic of Serbia it is delivered to the buyers via transmission networks of the Serbian national operator JP EMS.

Currently, the company “AB Energo” acts as a wholesale electric power supplier, but in the near future, direct contracts with the end-users (i.e. enterprises) are planned. The partnership with the European and worldwide largest energy supplying companies allows AB Energo to guarantee the uninterrupted power supplies in any required volumes.


Natural gas

Along with renewable energy sources, natural gas is among the most environmentally friendly and most economically viable energy sources.

Today, natural gas is used to heat residential premises, as well as in industrial production. Demand for natural gas grows every year, and in future, this energy source will make a significant contribution not only to home heating but also to the electric power supply to cities and industrial areas.

AB Energo plans to start wholesale natural gas supplies to the Central European countries in the near future.

The experience of cooperation with the largest traders in Europe and the world allows us to look with optimism at the development of new energy markets.