About us

The power supply company AB Energo (AB Energo d.o.o.) was founded in the Republic of Serbia in 2014. One of our main activities is electric power (capacity) purchase and sale not only on the territory of the Republic of Serbia but in Europe.

Today company AB Energo actively works on the wholesale energy market. We trade electric power on international power exchanges and with wholesale buyers on the Serbian borders with Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Cooperation with major participants of the electricity market is also developing further both in the Republic of Serbia and in Europe.

Our key partners are the largest energy supply companies in Europe and in the world.

During its work in the electricity market, AB Energo has established itself as a reliable supplier and partner. In 2016, the company supplied more than 98 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.

The main priorities of AB Energo are the following:

  • correct and friendly attitude to suppliers and consumers;
  • retention and increasing of the existing customer base;
  • ensuring the security of power supplies under existing contracts;
  • ensuring transparency in the process of meeting the terms of contracts, visibility and payments;
  • constant improvement the company’s operations in general and the growth of its efficiency in future;
  • maintenance of the company’s financial stability;
  • maintenance and of the company’s reputation as a reliable supplier and partner.

AB Energo is actively expanding its presence in the energy markets of the Republic of Serbia and the Balkans. Starting with 2016, our company participates in tenders organized by the holding company “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske” (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

“AB Energo” is preparing to trade not only with wholesale buyers but also deliver electric power to end-users (i.e. Enterprises). In partnership with the European largest energy supply companies, “AB Energo” guarantees uninterrupted electric power supplies in any required quantities.

In the near future, AB Energo will enter the European natural gas market as well.

The energy supply company AB Energo (AB Energo d.o.o) is registered and operates in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Serbia.